From Elite Producer to Mentor: Crafting Elite Producers From The Ground Up 
On the May 14th, 2024 episode of The Income Intelligence Brief, Joe Spillman will fill you in on the latest intel driving sales in the annuity market as we approach the midpoint of the second quarter of the year. 

He will highlight strategies and types of products where your best opportunities are, he’ll also give a brief economic update on where things are headed in the coming months in light of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s March 14th prediction of increasing bank failures ahead in the US Economy.  

Date: May 14th, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM CT


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    Also on this month’s episode, our "Elite Producer" segment, features an insightful interview with another one of ECA Marketing’s elite annuity producers.  Our featured guest Scott Brooks,  understands what it takes to be successful as a financial advisor. Using the lessons learned during his three+ decades of experience, Scott has become one of the most successful producers in the industry.  He does it all while also helping other producers build successful practices and scale their businesses to new heights.

    Scott is a heavy hitter in the annuity industry, tune in to discover his unique formula for success, what propelled him to elite levels of production, and how you can do it too.

    Hosted by the esteemed Joe Spillman, President of ECA Marketing, a multibillion-dollar annuity sales powerhouse, the Income Intelligence Brief promises to unveil invaluable insights into the annuity industry. Joe has successfully deciphered the code behind skyrocketing annuity sales and is prepared to share his monthly insider intel, revealing closely guarded industry secrets to elevate your position among the financial elite.

    Say goodbye to outdated strategies and wondering why others are surpassing your performance. The Income Intelligence Brief provides access to the latest market trends, insights on high-performing products, annuity sales strategies, industry insider perspectives, interviews with top annuity producers, advanced annuity marketing systems, revenue-boosting ideas, and much more – all known exclusively to the industry's top echelons.
    But here's the caveat – this opportunity isn't for everyone. It's exclusively crafted for fixed annuity agents with an unyielding hunger for success and a refusal to settle for mediocrity. 

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    The Income Intelligence Brief Series Is Hosted By:

    Joe Spillman | President of ECA Marketing

    Joe is a dynamic and approachable leader that blazed a trail for ECA Marketing, leading the firm to explosive, organic growth, more than tripling sales since he became President of the firm in 2011. His humble beginnings were back in 1999 as an entry-level annuity marketing consultant, and through an unmatched work ethic, determination, and talent, he set sales records as the leading marketer in the firm. 

    Joe is an integral part of direct marketing initiatives, product development, and operations. He maintains an active role in mentoring new marketers and the ECA Life and Annuity teams. Joe’s extensive annuity expertise centers around product selection for complex estate and retirement plans and makes it his goal to design solutions that significantly increase the client's return on their investments. Joe has been a featured speaker at numerous industry and agent events throughout the country. He has addressed thousands of agents on positioning sales and marketing ideas. He also sits on advisory boards with multiple top annuity companies and industry advocates.


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